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Eighteenth-Century House
During the 1700's, the Virginia Tidewater area produced one of the South's best-loved architectural styles. The house was basically a simplification of the English Georgian style that was modified to suit the local climate, available building materials, and the skills of colonial craftsmen. This example of an eighteenth-century house, with its hip-on-gable (jerkinhead) roof, is handsomely appointed with brick laid in the Flemish bond pattern, corbelled chimney caps, and a molded water table below the first-floor level. The colonial bricklayer usually combined a number of different brick shapes and finishes to add richness and variety to the exterior.
First Floor
Second Floor
Rear View
Rear View

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Square Footage 2787 Sq. Ft.
Foundation Crawlspace
Width (Ft.-In.) 48' - 0
Depth (Ft.-In.) 67' - 5
No. of Bedrooms 3
No. of Bathrooms 2
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