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Strawberry Hill
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Utterly captivating in the distinctive gothic style, the Strawberry Hill is a cottage that few can resist especially me. One day, when walking past, I paused to admire the charming cottage. The front door opened and a vision appeared. Being caught staring, I was dumbstruck. Now, much past that awkward moment, the lovely vision is my wife and the Strawberry Hill is our home. Things do happen for a reason. Lucky me
First Floor
Second Floor
Rear View
Rear View
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Order Drawings General Specs
Square Footage 2802 Sq. Ft.
Foundation Basement/Crawlspace
Width (Ft.-In.) 39' - 8
Depth (Ft.-In.) 82' - 8
No. of Bedrooms 4
No. of Bathrooms 4
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