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How do we get a plan stamped or sealed by an architect in my state?

This allows the architects to make any changes to the plans, and stamp the plan themselves.

What is your William E. Poole Designs Plan Purchase Policy?
Because we have no control over the selection of your building professionals, we cannot be responsible for the advice you receive from them or for the methods they use.  Please be sure that the plans you order meet your needs prior to purchase in that all sales are final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.  Additional set of the same plan may be ordered within a 60-day period at an added cost plus shipping, handling and tax if applicable.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Your business is important to us and we will process your order within 24 working hours.

Can you tell me where some houses are located? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain contact with individual customers who purchase our homes.  Obviously, the homes are not built in the same location that the plans are sent, and because of privacy issues we cannot give out personal information of our customers.  We suggest to start with your local building department, then call your local Real Estate agencies and local builders to inquire if they know of any William Poole homes in your area. 

I am a builder; Can I get a discount on the purchase of plans?  

Yes, we are very happy to work with builders on the purchase of plans. In order to receive a discount, you will need to currently be our customer. If you would like be offered a discount, you must contact our office directly. You must be a builder or developer for the discount to apply.

May we use William E. Poole materials in advertising a home we built?

Yes, we are happy to have you advertise William E. Poole homes.  We need you to call the office and tell us what you are planning and we will fax to you a form to fill out for the use of copyrighted materials.  We are currently offering our design services for helping you advertise your home. If you have any questions or need further information  regarding the cost of our design services, please call us directly.

Can you tell me if your company does outside buildings like garages, offices, or storage buildings?  

We do design outbuildings for Poole homes when we customize stock plans for clients. When a customer comes to us and wants changes done to a plan, they sign a contract for the house we are redesigning, as well as a continual contract for the outbuildings.

Do you have plans with drawn walk-out basements?
Yes, the following designs are drawn with a walk-out basement:

Any house can have a basement, (lot provided). We would be more than happy to assist you in developing a basement plan for the house you choose. If you have any questions, please call us at (910)251-8980.

I am looking for particular specifications in a house, can you tell me what plan would be best for me?

In order for to find the perfect house to meet the needs of  you & your family, you will need to consult with one of our designers. By speaking with a designer, you can get your questions answered in regards to your specifications. If you already have a design in mind &  would like the plan modified, we can help you make the changes needed. You will need to discuss these changes with the designer during a consultation. Consultation appointments are $150 per hour & $250 for ever hour afterward. They are not prorated. During the consultation, you will be able to ask the designer any questions you may have about making changes, then the designer will be able to give you an estimated total of the cost for the changes you wish to make. We do ask that you send to us, prior to the appointment, by fax or mail, your ideas, thoughts, or pictures that will help the designer to be better prepared for your consultation. At the end of the consultation the designer will provide you with an estimate for the costs of the changes. If you decide to contract with us, return your signed contract along with your deposit & we will begin on your working plans.  

What are included in the plans?

All plans and details are drawn at ¼” scale or larger and include: designer’s rendering of front elevation; foundation and dimensioned floor plans; electrical plans; section through house; all exterior elevation; selected interior elevations; door and window sizes; fireplace details; stair details; molding details; cabinet details; roof plan and exterior details. Most plans include alternate basement plans. All total square footage figures represent heated square floor space only. They do not represent two-story vaulted spaces, garages, unfinished areas or basements.

Can your floor plans be returned or exchanged for other plans or for a full refund?

Because we have no control over the selection of your building professionals, we are not responsible for advice you receive from them or the methods they use. Please be sure that the plans you order meet your needs prior to purchase in that all sales are final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Can the  floor plans be reversed?

Yes, we do offer plans them but they are totally mirrored (flipped, backwards) which makes reading them sometimes difficult. We recommend that you purchase a regular set of plans with your reverse order. All reverse sets of plans are $50 in addition to the regular set price. If you would like to have the plans read right reverse, please call our office to set up a consultation to discuss modifications to the floor plans. We cannot give quotes over the telephone without a scheduled consultation.

I do not need a full working set of plans, I just need something I can get a bid on,such as a study set, is there any other option?

Most builders can help you with a bid by using the basic floor plans that you have of the home which you can find on our website. We do not sell "study sets" of our plans. If you are in need of bidding sets, we recommend purchasing stock plans or additional sets of your first purchase.

Do your plans meet the codes in my area?

We design our plans by the CABO (Council of Architectural Building Officials) code at the time the plans are drawn.Because codes are subject to various changes and interpretations, you are responsible for compliance with all local building codes, ordinances, site conditions, subdivision restrictions and structural elements by having their builder review the plans to ensure compliance.We also recommend that you have an engineer in your area review your plans before construction begins.

Can you give me a cost estimate on building one of your houses?

Your builder should give you a true cost estimate. Part of their job is to do cost estimates as well as help you find the material you want to use. I would suggest finding a builder who specializes in custom home building; in fact, they may have built a William Poole home before. The cost of materials is not going to be the same in different areas across the United States. Other factors that affect costs are codes, the area of the country you are building in, and your personal choice of various materials .(If you keep to the specifications on our plans, or if you use materials that you and your builder decide on).

Can you tell me what the reproducible master set of plans or PDF set is used for?

The reproducible master or PDF is used when you would like an architect or designer in your area to make changes to the existing plan. These plans are sold as one set. In order to get the right to makes changes to our copyrighted plans, you must first sign an End User License Agreement. This License Agreement states that you can only construct one home, you cannot sell the plan after changes are made, you can only make 12 copies and that you are allowed to make the changes you need. You can go to a copy store & get the copies made on any type of paper you prefer.

Do you recommend builders or contractors?

We DO NOT recommend builders or contractors for your area to build our homes. There are many builders and contractors that construct our homes beautifully and to the specifications of our blueprints. To find out if there are any builders that have constructed our homes in your local area, you will need to contact your local building department. They normally keep that type of information on file. We do have a builder map on our website that lists builders in particular states that have built our homes.You may wish to call around to builders or builder’s associations in your region and ask them if they have built Poole homes. In addition, you may find some help through realtors.By calling them, they may be able to tell you where a Poole home is built and some builder information (if available) Furthermore, you may want to visit our website at www.williampooledesigns.com and review our photo gallery to view photos of submitted homes.

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