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All house plans are to be used to build only one dwelling and unless you have purchased a reproducible PDF set, these plans are not to be copied or modified. If you would like to modify your newly purchased design, please refer to the information below:

Custom design is our specialty and we would treasure the opportunity to work with you to create a home that you would enjoy returning to day after day! Who better to modify or redraw your house plan for you than the creators of the design.

When purchasing ANY house plan from our design firm, you have the option to customize your William E. Poole home to meet your  needs. However, should you decide to have someone other than our firm modify or redraw these plans, please know that it is against the law to do so without the purchase from us of a license to modify and construct one house. Upon purchase of a William E. Poole home plan, you will receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our designer.

At this time, if you do not want to purchase the plan prior to consultation, we offer a FREE 30 minute phone consult with our in-house design team. If additional time is needed after the first consult, please feel free to set up another appointment. Please note: Any additional consultation appointments will be charged at a fee of $150 per hour and $250 for each hour afterwards. During that time, we will collect your payment information (ie. credit card number) but we will not process it until your scheduled day.

During this consultation, our designer will assess the changes you would like to make and provide an estimate for the modifications and a time frame in which the work can be accomplished. We believe that with our vast knowledge of each and every William E. Poole house plan, we can effectively and efficiently modify your house plan to fit both your site and lifestyle.


Standard plan purchases can be made by simply calling 910-251-8980. It is against the law to copy standard sets of house plans, construct more than one dwelling, or make changes to the existing standard plan set. Should you need additional sets or changes, contact our office. By choosing the creative team at William E Poole Designs, Inc., you will get the full benefit of our expertise which includes a complete understanding of the total concept as well as the aesthetics of our original design. By having our firm complete your requested changes, a warranty on your final plans will be in effect and — a FULL REFUND— of  your house plan purchase will be applied to the cost of modifying your plan.

The original purchaser of the plans is the only one licensed to authorize construction of the home. Anyone who participates in a copyright violation is responsible, including purchasers, designers, architects, engineers, drafters, builders, contractors, subcontractors, copy shops, developers, & real estate agencies. William E Poole Designs, Inc. plans are protected under federal copyright laws. Any reproduction or modification of the plans without the express written consent of William E Poole Designs, Inc. is prohibited. 

  Reproducible master or pdf plan purchase

A reproducible master or PDF set of plans are used when you would like to have an architect or designer in your local area, other than William E Poole Designs, Inc., make changes to an existing plan. We advise you to consult with your local blueprint shop for advice on how to print copies once the changes have been made. A copyright release, or End User Agreement Form, is included with the reproducible master and or PDF plans so that you may reproduce up to 12 copies of the plans as a one time use for constructing a single dwelling without infringement to copyright laws. It is important that you keep a copy of your end-user agreement when plans that are taken to the copy shop. If you should need to make more than 12 copies, contact our office to obtain an additional license.


Any information is helpful & should be faxed to (910-251-8981) or mailed to 12 Market Street Wilmington, NC 28401. You can also email admin@williampooledesigns.com.  Please follow up to make sure all information is received.

We suggest that prior to having a consultation, you have the following information:

**If you schedule a phone consultation, you will need to initiate the call to our office at (910)-251-8980 at the scheduled appointment time (E.S.T.)  We do ask you schedule your consultation 2 weeks in advance to ensure a time convenient  for you and the designer. The consultation times are scheduled weekly and are on a first come, first serve basis. We do not schedule consultations on Friday after 10am. After speaking with the designer, you will be given a cost estimate depending on which design you choose.

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