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Materials lists offer a detailed listing of building supplies required for a production order. It is useful for the bidding process from suppliers. This list enables you to calculate the material requirements for your new home. All materials lists are available for purchase and can be sent out with your plans when they are ordered. Please note that it is important to always have a copy of the construction drawings along with the materials lists as there are certain products or dimensions specified only on the blueprints. For further information, contact our office at 910-251-8980.

We offer the following materials lists:

Back Bay Cottage Edisto River Cottage
Bayou Cottage
Beaaufort II
Biloxi Les Serien
Blackberry Lane
Boothe House
Bowling Green
Port Royal
Camden Richmond Hill
Carolina Coastal Cottage
Saint Remy
Chesapeake Bay
Chevy Chase
St. Francisville
Eastern Shore Cottage       
Sulphur Springs

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