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William E Poole

William E Poole SignatureWilliam E. Poole grew up in a Raleigh housing project during a time when you did not need to lock your doors. Though raised with lots of love, we were materialy poor and I began to appreciate the significance of home ownership and all that it implies.

At age 7, convinced an acclaimed artist and professor that I had talent. She befriended me and I became the only boy attending art classes at an all-girls’ college...wow!

Received a full scholarship to North Carolina State University School of Design. Was devastated when I had to leave to help support my widowed mother and four younger siblings.

Hindsight renders all things in proper perspective. Missing the total indoctrination of the modern school of thought was not all bad. Escaped with my love for the classics. Self-taught after that and then the fun began.

Started my business, married my first love, became a pilot (one of my many seemingly impossible dreams), enjoy photography, follow the horses, love the West, fishing and have a “zoo” at home — yet, continue to consume the classics with always an emphasis on home. Designed The Natchez, America’s most popular home design, which set forth a national trend for front porches in residential architecture. Have almost one million families living in homes of my design. Created my own lines of furniture, accessories and building products (three more of my impossible dreams).

Son John works with me and is a noted designer in his own right. Haven’t gotten the notion to be put out to pasture. Still a lot left to do — a lot of dreams yet to fulfill.

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William E Poole Designs, Inc.