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Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Homes

1. What is the difference between a factory-built home and a site-built home?
The materials used in both construction methods are the same but custom factory-built homes are constructed by skilled craftsman in a climate controlled factory environment using assembly line techniques resulting in a better built and stronger home with little on no material waste while a site-built home is constructed in the elements subjected to mold, mildew and a tremendous amount of wasted materials.

2. How long does is take to build a factory-built home?
On average, factory-built homes are constructed in the factory within a 3 week period and finished on site within 120 days while stick-built homes could take as long as 6-12 months to frame and complete.

3. What is the cost difference between a factory-built home and a site-built home?
Generally, a factory-built home will cost between 10-20% less than the average site-built home. Factory-built home materials are purchased in bulk quantities which does reduce cost. No time is wasted due to weather delays, resulting in lower labor cost and reduced loan interest. There is no vandalism occurring inside a secure factory site and no price escalation after contract is executed.

4. Do you having pricing available on your factory-built homes?
We have suggested pricing available which does vary due to your preferences and specifications. Local building codes and permit fees at your specific location can alter the price as well. Please call our office for further information.

5. Can I modify a WEP stock plan into a factory built home?
The majority of our WEP existing stock plans can be modified to meet your specifications and or needs. Please contact our office to set up a consultation with our in-house designer or for further information regarding this process.

 6. Will my WEP factory built home gain in value like a stick built home?
Yes, just as a typical site-built home will gain value over time, a custom factory built home will as well.

 7. How do I make the personal choices of construction materials and home amenities like cabinets and fixtures?
Just as a typical site-built home, you will work with your builder to select the amenities you desire for your new custom factory-built home.

8. Are factory-built homes financed the same as stick-built homes?
Just as a stick-built home, you would need to contact your local financial institution to discuss your finance options for a factory-built home. From that point, they can assist you in financing a loan that meets your needs and specifications.

9. Can WEP provide potential home owners with financial advice, assistance, and resources for obtaining a mortgage for a custom factory built home?
WEP works with professionals who have years of mortgage and financial experience who would be happy to provide you with information, guidance, and assistance for obtaining a custom factory built home mortgage. Just call our office and we would be please to help you arrange a no cost consultation with one of our experience mortgage financial experts.


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