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Of course I know you two. You're the girls who live at Sycamores. Nodding our heads, we smiled and waited patiently astride our mounts while she went inside to prepare us a snack. Unbeknownst to us, she called our aunt. In short order there was a squeal of tires, clouds of dust and the roar of a car charging up the drive. Earlier that morning, we decided to travel a bit, so we bridled the mules and rode bareback down a country road until we became hungry. Our aunt saw to it that our traveling days were over for the rest of that summer and, if you've ever ridden a mule, then you know our sitting days were over for a good while too.

Sycamores General Specs

No. of Stories 3
No. of Bedrooms 5
No. of Bathrooms 6
No. of Half Baths 2
Master Bedroom Location 1st Floor
First Floor 4556 Sq. Ft.
Second Floor 3261 Sq. Ft.
Total Heated Square Footage 10735 Sq. Ft.
Porch Size 2918 Sq. Ft.
Garage Size None
Foundation Basement
Width (Ft.-In.) 93' - 10
Depth (Ft.-In.) 81' - 2
First Floor Ceiling Height 11'
Second Floor Ceiling Height 10'
Additional Features (if any)
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